USDA report for wheat and cotton result in a bullish reaction. Where are the areas of global crop stress?

It's a battle between large global stocks for wheat, which has pressured the market the last 5-6 years, versus continued weather issues for wheat crops in Australia, Europe and parts of the Former...

The WPO index: Ideal Midwest weather conditions will continue for corn and soybean farmers.

There has been some talk about lower corn yields in the Midwest. This stems from warm night-time low temperatures. As shown in the maps below, something we call a negative WPO (Western Pacific...

Global weather and crop issues remain for wheat, but Trade War concerns continue to offset bullish factors

The grain market has been battling the best U.S. corn and soybean crop conditions in more than 20 years, plus trade war worries with China.  However, the one grain that continues to...

El Nino or El Nino Modoki? What are the differences and how may commodities be affected?

  Cooler ocean temperatures in the eastern tropical Atlantic and warmer oceans further west could imply a potential El Niño Modoki (click here) in the months ahead. However, the differences in where...

How the Trade War and weather is affecting commodities

    The image above is from the web site    This blog discusses the Trade War and weather related markets such as soybeans, cotton, coffee and cocoa...

PRESS RELEASE Jim Roemer announces release of Climatech for commodity and hurricane forecasting

SARASOTA, Fla.—(BUSINESS WIRE)--Commodity markets across the globe will be greatly affected by weather and crop conditions in the months ahead.   Most recently: Droughts were devastating wheat crops...

CLIMATECH: The Science of Hurricane Forecasting (and the most likely scenario for 2018)

How we use teleconnections to second guess computer models and  other weather forecast firms in hurricane forecasting...

Billions of pounds of plastics in the oceans could lead to critical food security issues

  Picture above from Some photos and excerpts from National Geographic, June 2018   If plastic had been invented when the Mayflower carried the Pilgrims across the Atlantic Ocean,...

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