Helping you make better investment, travel and planning decisions based on the Best Weather” information


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Helping you make better investment, travel and planning decisions based on “Best Weather” information

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Helping you make better investment, travel and planning decisions based on “Best Weather” information

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Expert Analysis

BestWeather, inc., utilizes complex teleconnections, historical weather, crop yield analogs + years of understanding commodity market psychology.


ClimatePredict is the world’s leading long-range weather and commodity software program and is a must for the insurance, energy, retail and commodity industry.

“Jim Roemer has helped me plan when to plant and harvest my corn and has saved me tens of thousands of dollars over the years with respect to his grain, commodity weather forecasts and market advice. He has incredible timing.”

– Ernesto G.

“I’ve been planning my snowboarding trips from Jim’s Best Weather reports for the past 6 years. He has always led me to ideal conditions, with amazing powder.”

– Blake C.

“Jim Roemer has advised us for over 20 years in energy, soft and grain commodities and has an uncanny ability, not only to forecast the weather but understand commodity market direction.”

-Former NYC $5 Billion Hedge Fund Manager

“Jim Roemer and his Climate Predict weather forecast program has helped us make critical hedging, investment and planning decisions in the world cocoa market.”

-Major global cocoa, sugar, & coffee-producing company

Jim Roemer

aka Dr. Weather

Jim Roemer | aka Dr. Weather 

Commodity Trading Adviser Specializing in Meteorology

Commodity Trading Advisor Specializing in Meteorology

Jim Roemer has been predicting weather patterns months in advance with uncanny accuracy. His company, Best Weather, Inc. is a registered commodity trading adviser specializing in meteorology, with the National Futures Association and advises hedge funds, ski areas, manufacturers, farmers and traders with respect to both the short and long term impacts of weather.

Jim’s unique style and meteorological expertise feature him as a regular guest on numerous media outlets including Bloomberg radio and TV, Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal to name a few.

If you want more updated news and perspective about the weather and it affects global markets be sure to sign up for Jim Roemer’s WeatherWealth subscription service.

Enjoy the news & information on our site.

Jim Roemer of BestWeather, inc.

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