El Nino weakening. Where are the present global weather extremes?

Many commodities have been in the tank due to a combination of renewed Trade War concerns with China and a growing glut for such commodities as corn, wheat, soybeans, coffee and others. Global...

Midwest corn planting to see planting delays. Comparisons to 1993

The near historical Midwest flooding and snow melt has offered a glimmer of hope to farmers and grain traders, that perhaps the corn market would bottom and head higher this spring. However, great...

More huge snows coming to western ski areas. Solar cycles, Global Warming and El Nino.

There has been much discussion about the incredibly snowy ski season out west, the end of the California drought and potential for severely cold United States winters ahead the next few years due to...

Coffee prices hit 13 year low on good Brazil weather and big exports

There are some theories by meteorologists and commodity traders that El Nino can reduce Brazil and other producing countries' coffee production resulting in a surge in prices. However, if this...

Historical Midwest floods: Impacts on agriculture. What is causing it? El Nino or low sunspots?

Thousands of livestock killed and millions of acres flooded in the Midwest and Plain States poses a multi-billion dollar threat to agriculture and other industries. This comes at the worst possible...

Record western snows and severe tornado outbreaks. The causes of such volatile weather and what early spring may portend.

Probably the biggest blessing from the winter weather extremes experienced coast to coast this winter, is the end of multi-year California drought. This will go a long way to replenishing California...

SOI index tanks, suggesting short-term El Nino conditions but why are many ag commodity prices tanking?

The picture of El Nino type conditions (above) illustrates the falling atmospheric pressures close to Peru and rising surface pressures around Australia. For there to be a full fledged El Nino,...

Angular Momentum–What is it? Why a weak El Nino signal eased the N. Brazil drought and brought tons of snow to western U.S. ski areas

The information below is a combination of my comments, 35 years of experience forecasting the weather for various U.S. ski areas and excerpts from Tony Crocker's informative ski site: bestsnow.net....

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