How To Upgrade To Annual Membership 

Step 1- Login

Step 2 – Select View My Account Details

Step 3 – Select Subscriptions 

Step 4 – Select Change Plan 

Step 5 – Select New Plan 

You may be asked to fill in your billing information again.

Q- How do I pause or cancel my subscription service?

A– It’s very simple, just log in to your account and view account details and you will see an option to cancel or pause a subscription.


For technical support please contact support@bestweatherinc.com.

Q- Who do I contact if I have a technical question about our memberships?

A–Jim Roemer is only available to answer one question a month on the gold plan sign up.

Any other questions in email:  support@bestweatherinc.com

Q- Show me some past predictions made by Jim Roemer that I can expect from a paid membership plan?
  1. Being one of the first to predict the infamous 2012 U.S. grain belt drought and grain price rise
  2. The subsequent fall in grain prices through 2016 forecasting 2-3 year rebound in global grain production
  3. The explosion in natural gas prices during the severe U.S. winter of 2013-2014
  4. The hot U.S. summer of 2016 and price rise in natural gas
  5. The record warm fall in the U.S. and an accompanying collapse in natural gas prices in 2016
  6. The precipitous rise in heating oil prices in early 2015 due to frozen rivers and lakes during the severe Northeast winter and record snows
  7. The first to forecast hurricane Sandy and subsequent rise in gasoline prices in October; 2012
  8. Predicting El Nino would curtail global sugar and Robusta coffee production in 2015-2016 which led to more than a 50% rise in sugar and coffee prices.
Q- How often will Mr. Roemer’s reports be sent to me with the SILVER subscriptions service?

A– There will be at least one and sometimes 3-6 reports each month depending on the season. There will be certain times of the year, such as March and October that reports may be sent out less frequently as the weather is sometimes less of a factor and Mr. Roemer takes some time off.

Q- When is weather most important to the markets?

A-It depends, but usually, the summer grain markets and winter energy markets are when most of the action is. You may consider subscribing from May-August and again November-February There is no annual subscription, only monthly.

Q- Is there trading advice for specific commodities in the reports?

A- Again, While many of you want specific trade ideas, this is normally reserved for large traders or hedge funds with Mr. Roemer’s Premium service. However, he will discuss his sentiment in some markets with the Gold membership. This will include, one high confidence trade a month.


Another example, back in early December 2019– “ I disagree with computer models going for cold weather. I remain bearish natural gas with an overall warm winter expected into 2020” (Gold plan only)

Q- I really want to know how Mr. Roemer can help me with my coffee, corn or other commodity position. Can I ask him a question?

A-  With the Gold Plan ONLY. Limited to one question a month, you can submit your (1) question a month via the contact form on the GOLD MEMBERS PAGE.

 Please note, due to Mr. Roemer’s time constraints and the inexpensive cost of his services, that again, questions are limited to only one a month. He will try to address these questions from time to time either by email or within a few days, in one of his specific reports.