My video talks about what is going on in South America concerning some new weather problems for soybeans, sugar cane, and possibly coffee (though recent rains have been great news for the early coffee bloom in Brazil).

I also show some interesting images of historic artifacts being exposed by lowering water levels and record drought in the Brazil Amazon, and a look at solar cycle 25 and the active sun. 

Sunspot cycles occur every 11 years. Without going into too much detail, the number of sunspots is approaching 2014 levels. In layman’s terms, this means the next sunspot cycle peak should not occur until at least 2024 or 2025.

In my view, and of many NOAA and MIT scientists: “solar cycles do not have the effect they once had on global weather due to the warming planet and stratosphere.”

Currently, it is El Niño and the Amazon rainforest drought and deforestation emergency that will determine many agricultural commodity price moves based on South American weather over the next few months.

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