A negative NAO index has to do with a warm block near Greenland.  (please watch my videoit explains how this is affecting commodities)

SNOWFALL PROJECTIONS NEXT 2 WEEKS (INCHES): A negative NAO will bring many areas in red and white over 1-2 feet of snow from at least 2 major storms. The most snowfall in several years

The opposite is happening over the South Pole (Antarctica), there has been a positive AAO index. This means the vortex stays put and does not move north. Combined with El Niño, this has brought improved weather for South American soybeans, something I alerted all my WeatherWealth subscribers about, three weeks ago.

Only 4 or 5 El Niño events have seen a powerful negative NAO index in January. Most of these years saw El Niño weaken by the spring or summer. Based on this scenario, this will be very important for many agricultural markets, and I will be developing trading strategies in options, futures, and ETFs.

 How a negative NAO (warm block over Greenland that forces the Polar Vortex south) affects commodities:

1) Energy/Natural Gas: Coldest weather in at least 2-3 winters coming for Europe and the U.S. starting next week

2) Wheat: Isolated areas of winterkill in Russia and possibly Nebraska and big cold and snows for the southern Plains and Midwest. It will be important to monitor snowfall.

3) Cocoa: While I was bullish all summer and autumn long on major wet weather and disease issues, the lack of a Harmattan Wind in Ivory Coast and Ghana could prevent any further damage to the cocoa crop

How does a positive AAO index (The vortex that remains over Antarctica and does not move north) affect commodities?

1) Soybeans/Corn: Easing of the northern Brazil drought and potential big Argentina crops

2) Coffee: A hot November and early December likely will lower Brazil’s coffee production by several million bags, but improved rainfall is on the horizon that will stop further damage.

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