For nearly three months we have touted an end to the northern Brazil coffee drought due to the third consecutive winter (South American summer) of La Niña and other climatic variables we analyze for clients. We were lucky enough to catch most of the big move south a month or two ago from over $2.00 to about $1.55 per pound.

However, coffee prices wiped all of those bullish traders out of the market. They were focusing on other fundamental factors and not the weather.  My Best Weather “Spider” was at a very bearish minus nine (-9) during September and October. Recently our Spider became more neutral before the price spike. 

Where the Spider Is Now

Notice, for example, the “anti-herd mentality” of a +2 (bullish) due to too many shorts in the market in the last few weeks. Also, see how global crop prospects changed in my view, from a -3( bearish) to neutral to slightly positive (+1). The Spider below was released yesterday to clients before Tuesday’s big price rally.

The most. recent Weather Spider turned neutral on coffee.

Two Crop Issues in the Coffee Market

Two crop issues have returned to the coffee market. One is that, even with all the rain in northern Brazil the last 2 months, some concerns from hail damage in Minas Gerais and some trees stressed from the drought a year or so ago and frosts are not producing an excellent bloom. The other problem is the incessant Vietnam rains right in the middle of their harvest. This is typical of La Niña, but the rain presently is particularly heavy. It could lower the Robusta coffee crop.

Percent of rainfall next three weeks for coffee areas in Vietnam

Source: Jim Roemer and StormVistaModels.

So… how does one trade coffee? The first chance I see of a drying trend for Vietnam and/or hear new reports with respect to the Brazil coffee crop, I will recommend specific JO (ETF) and options positions for traders.

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