I have received hundreds of requests from around the world for me to start a weekly or monthly long range weather subscription forecast service. This would be “SECOND TO NONE”‘ , given my 35 years experience forecasting for dozens of ski resorts, farmers and some hedge funds and investors. Of course, weather forecasting can be difficult and due to “chaos theory”, “global warming” and “solar activity”, things can change on a dime.

This is why I will be offering such a newsletter in the weeks or months ahead. It will focus on forecasting for many industries from skiing to commodities with some generic trading and investing ideas.

Coming sometime this winter, a new weather newsletter with occasional updates, (WEATHER-WEALTH) So check back frequently for details.

In the meantime, if you email me at subscriptionbestweather@gmail.com I would be happy enough to send you my preliminary winter outlook for 2019-2020.

While many weather forecasters try their hand at these long range predictions, I am lucky enough to also incorporate a special program called CLIMATECH, which I developed with an alum from MIT. It uses teleconnections such as El Nino, ocean temperatures thousands of miles away, what is happening over the North and South Poles, etc. to help make predictions.


*Why late November will feature more cold and snow for the Midwest and East and is putting a floor in natural gas prices and heating oil spreads. What may December be like?

*Low solar activity; El Nino Modoki; Stratospheric Warming; Weather Weirdos, CLIMATECH ™ what this means for winter and the energy markets.

Why does the current global climate support a weather situation similar to 1966 sometime in early to mid 2020? A severe 2nd half of winter in the US.

See a cool video here

*Some ideas and thoughts about natural gas trading

*Why cocoa price have soared the last week or so

What about December weather? I will discuss this in the free report by emailing me at subscriptionsbestweather@gmail.com