I appreciate the hundreds of requests and comments around the world from twitter, linkened and other sources with regards to my offering a weather commodity newsletter. This would be simple to understand, timely, and offer the best long range weather forecasts in multiple industries from commodities, to global climate concerns, ski weather, weather and health and travel ideas.

Take this survey if you:

*A weather enthusiast looking to receive more accurate long range forecasts for anywhere in the world

*A novice or expert in the commodity trading or research business looking for advice and interesting maps like this, not available for FREE on the net

*A skier or outdoor enthusiast wanting to plan a vacation

*With a warming global climate, you also need to know the “honest scoop” of how weather can affect your health and the world

Take this survey today, so we can help you make better decisions based on weather and you will receive 3 complimentary issues of my newsletter.

This is an “old” sample of Jim Roemer’s weather spider back during the last big El Nino. This would be included in Jim’s newsletter.

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