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Climatelligence Smart Commodity Investing


Climatelligence is the brainchild of Shawn Hackett, Hackett Financial Advisors Inc., and James Roemer, Best Weather Inc., two of the most respected and recognized Agricultural analysts and weather forecasters, respectively in the world. With over 60 years of combined experience in analyzing Ag/commodity markets and their future price prospects, Climatelligence is a “ONE OF A KIND” weather and crop price forecasting service unrivaled in the industry.

Our mission is to educate everyone from the novice investor to major food companies, farmers, hedgers and traders, with the “very best” weather and commodity market analysis in the industry.

A annual subscription to the Climatelligence Report, which includes 42 issues per year, is $1,200.


This service is structured for the more proactive and active hedger/trader who is looking to gain economic advantages on the shorter term volatility the agricultural markets regularly provide.

Our service will combine A) Short and intermediate-term weather analysis; B) Our “Best-Weather Spider”, which incorporates a weighted score of James Roemer’s “Best Weather Indicator” and Shawn Hackett’s “Informed Smart Money Algorithm Indicator” providing an easy to follow grid of the most important markets to pay attention to C) Occasional, Climatech, weather maps used by some of the world’s largest hedge funds and food companies in order to asses potential-longer term weather and crop yields across the globe; D)Shawn Hackett’s Informed Smart Money algorithm charts (for both the overall grains and Softs groupings as well as for each individual market) E) Unique Value Indicators such as Relative Value/cash differentials and F) Ag-specific Macro fundamental Indicators.

Below are some examples of maps you will receive with your subscription to the CLIMATELLIGENCE REPORT. Hedge funds and others pay THOUSANDS of dollars a month for this information. However, a subscription to our weekly newsletter is incredibly affordable for the
average investor.


Best Weather Spider February 2018 - Commodity trading advise



The most sophisticated, revolutionary and useful medium-long range weather forecasting tool available. Used by major hedge funds, food companies to the novice meteorologist, you will learn how ocean temperatures and weather regimes thousands of miles away ( teleconnections–La Nina, Arctic Oscillation and 30 more) will help you be the best weather forecaster or weather risk analyst.  You will be able to forecast potential crop yields, commodity prices, global weather disasters and even hurricane tracks with much greater accuracy. Download a brochure about Climatech here climatech

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