Droughts and fires in the Amazon, Australia and Indonesia this year have scorched millions of acres of timber and farmland. Billions of animals died. This has motivated a new group of climate change advocates who are trying to make a difference in the world. They are planting millions of trees around the world. Scientists among them are developing new carbon capture techniques. Some are teaching their peers about mindfulness when discarding, or emitting carbon. Hopefully, this year’s weather disasters will spark more immediate climate action.

One region where my accuracy has been proven is in long-range weather forecast program for the Amazon of Brazil. Another was in west Africa’s cocoa areas. The dots on the map below represent zones where present teleconnections make it easiest to predict weather, months in advance. El Nino, lack of sea ice, ocean temperatures thousands of miles away, etc. can influence global climate)

Now, meteorologists, weather nuts, hedge funds, insurance companies, and so forth, can learn how to use our CLIMATE PREDICT lite version here.

Climate Predict Lite is designed to improve long range weather forecasts for farmers and businesses. The objective is to plan and prepare for favorable weather or disaster mitigation many months before the inevitable events occur.

drought, wet, rainfall, Brazil

It has turned very wet in Brazil the last month or so. After a 3-5 year northern drought, Climate Predict (below) forecasts above normal Amazon rainfall trends from March through May. Which commodity markets could this impact?

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Jim Roemer

Amazon, Brazil, drought, wet, commodity