I have a new weather feature that can be accessed for FREE by amateur and professional meteorologists, ski resorts, university science professors and anyone that is a snow lover, or hater. It is called CLIMATE PREDICT (lite version) HISTORICAL SNOW MAPS.

This snow feature will allow anyone to search a 70 year data base for any month of their choice and to see how global teleconnections (such as El Nino, La Nina and ocean temperatures thousands of miles away) influence global winter snow cover. If you are interested in receiving FREE access, check back soon for details or email me at



Want to look at different any winter of your choice and which teleconnections affected the snow season? Here, for example, is the frigid early 1977 winter.

The user can look at such teleconnections as the NAO index. We can see, for example the NAO index going negative later in December. This tends to increase snowfall for the Northeast or New England