There has been some talk about lower corn yields in the Midwest. This stems from warm night-time low temperatures. As shown in the maps below, something we call a negative WPO (Western Pacific Oscillation index) is just one among several teleconnections that will NOT result in any prolonged Midwest heat in July. The bottom line is that U.S. corn yields are heading towards a record that may be close to 180 bushels per acre. Ideal conditions also apply for soybeans.

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While not cool weather by any means, ample soil moisture and generally normal to above normal Midwest temperatures during the critical pollination is still ideal for Midwest crops

The WPO index (blue arrows) will go off the scale to negative territory as we head deeper into July. We alerted clients about this last week. CLIMATECH, our proprietary program, shows why sustained hot weather will not continue in the Midwest. It also shows why Europe will have some hot weather and potential lower wheat yields.


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Source of map:Stormvista


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