Its not only the Amazon burning up, Australia is seeing some of the worst forest fires ever, as this will be the third consecutive year of drought. For a very disturbing article about Australia’s worsening water situation, please go here.

While some pundits will say everything from hurricane Dorian to the Brazil rain forest burning up to Australia’s droughts are cyclical and not due to climate change, I beg to differ. Never before have we seen warming of our oceans and the consistency of global forest fires. While we are going into a period of very low solar activity, which can result in more extreme global weather, climate change in my view is at least as important a factor.

Data from thousands of surface monitoring stations worldwide, including ocean buoys in the Pacific and land-based thermometers dotting the continents, show that July 2019 was the warmest month on Earth since at least 1850. Alaska too is shattering all time weather records.

Presently in September, both Brazil and Australia are destined to see some historical hot weather that may begin to affect Australian wheat prices and the global coffee market.

The reasons for the dry Australian weather, has been due to a combination of climate change, the later effects of El Nino and positive Indian Dipole (cool ocean over Indonesia) and most recently, a very unusual stratospheric warming event over Antarctica. To understand more about stratospheric warming, which is very unusual this time of the year, please go here to see the video.

Brazil coffee areas will be watched by commodity traders

This situation above and many of my studies suggest some weather problems for coffee in Brazil. You can see some of the dryness beginning (image below) that may have set a floor in coffee prices, following this major bear market. If you are interested in my full, detailed coffee weather report, which hedge funds and commodity traders subscribe to, I will send you a free copy

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