We have seen over 3,000 record high July temperatures from areas out west where brush-fires are blazing, to France and Germany where corn and wheat crops are wilting in dro and even in far away remote places in Asia. 2018 will go on record as the 4th warmest year in history.

In the mean-time developing droughts are affecting wheat crops in several countries and now parts of Iowa and Missouri are seeing drought like conditions. Maps below show that some areas in the western and southern corn belt could reach 100 degrees next week. But will it last? Will a return of a normal weather pattern in August salvage the soybean crop and still result in great yields for corn? Or will the drought worsen?



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Temps may reach 100 degrees in the Midwest corn and soybean belt next week? Will it last? Find out by subscribing to the best weekly commodity weather report available






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