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We have been often asked about starting a shorter term price-commodity forecasting service.  Now that we have entered the increased weather volatility phase of the first Grande Solar Cycle minimum in over 200 years. This combined with incredible warming across the planet and a possible El Nino, could give you a huge advantage in trading ag and energy commodities in the months ahead.

We wanted to introduce to you our new added subscription Ag price forecasting service to help compliment our flagship Hackett Money Flow Agricultural Report.

It is called The Climatelligence Report.

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We have teamed up with the world renowned meteorologist Jim Roemer of Bestweather Inc. who has developed along with Doug Stewart (S.M from MIT and PH.D From University of Miami) a one of a kind weather algorithm called Climatech.

Climatech is able to correlate over 30 different weather variables at any moment in time and produce the historical weather correlations to accurately predict weather outcomes over the next 30 days which is the primary time window for driving Ag prices higher and lower.

The Climatelligence Report amalgamates Jim’s proprietary weather algorithm with our proprietary informed Smart Money Capital Flows algorithm and unique fundamental work to produce a combined ranking system that provides a clear short-term metric for determining which Ag markets look the most bullish and bearish.

We endeavor in each report to highlight on ag market and occasionally natural gas or the rest of the energy complex, when the weather warrants it (IE–hurricane Harvey last year and the big move in gasoline-crude oil spreads)

The annual subscription cost for 42 issues is normally $1200/year, but we are offering a special offer for only $800. Hedge funds and large traders pay over $5,000/month for the BESTWEATHER and trading advice available, so this is an incredible deal for the small trader, farmer, etc.

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