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Background & History

Jim Roemer (aka Dr. Weather)

Dr. Weather, Jim RoemerBest Weather, Inc. is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Adviser and has been advising hedge funds, farmers and commodity traders with respect to both short and longer term weather impacts in the futures market for 35 years. Owned by Jim Roemer, Best Weather, Inc. has the unique ability of predicting weather patterns months in advance with uncanny accuracy and understanding of the impact on global commodity prices, crop yields, etc.

Jim Roemer (A.K.A. Dr. Weather) has been forecasting for the commodity and ski industry for over 30 years .

Mr. Roemer frequently shares his vast meteorological expertise as a guest on Bloomberg radio and TV  and is often interviewed by Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Roemer also provides weather fundamentals to thousands of subscribers for SeekingAlpha.com as a contributing newsletter writer. Mr. Roemer splits his time between Sarasota, FL and Vermont as he lives an active lifestyle as a philanthropist, expert skier, cyclist and competitive tennis player, with a deep passion and concern about the environment and climate change.

Mr. Roemer recently formed a highly sophisticated long range climate/weather model program (Climatech) with Dr. Doug Stewart from MIT BestWeather, Inc. is co-owner of a unique long range weather forecast product that uses teleconnections such as global ocean temperatures, etc. and 35 years of Jim Roemer’s weather forecast knowledge in predicting weather events months in advance and how it relates to commodity crop yields.Save




a little history...


Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl - Jim Roemer

Infamous “ice bowl”.  Packers-Dallas football game. Jim goes out in 3 foot blizzard in South Orange, NJ… his passion with weather begins.


Lyndon State College

The Weather Channel - Jim Roemer

Lyndon State College, Vermont… notable small weather forecasting college. Joe D’Aleo,  Jim’s professor co-founded The Weather Channel. All American Tennis and Academic honors.


WCBS New York

WCBS - Jim Roemer

Assistant meteorologist at WCBS New York and tennis pro at Port Washington Tennis Academy.



Freese Notis - Jim Roemer

Meteorologist Freese-Notis Weather. Helped expand commodity department consulting to global commodity companies and becoming first weather forecasting/advisory consulting firm on DTN network for thousands of farmers and commodity traders.


WIBW Topeka

WIBW - Jim Roemer

TV and radio broadcaster WIBW Topeka, Kansas and Agricultural radio network for wheat and livestock Farmers. Received American Meteorological Seal of Approval in TV Weather Casting.


Robbins Trading Company

Robbins Trading Company - Jim Roemer

Robbins trading Company—-Commodity trading contest— runner up. High performance futures trading; calling infamous Midwest drought and explosive grain prices.



CNBC - Jim Roemer

Frequent CNBC Guest, consultant to Tricon Investments and Wim Kooyker


Best Ski Weather

Best Ski Weather - Jim Roemer

Founder Best ski weather; nick name Dr. Weather in ski industry show pic
Consultant 20 ski resorts thousands of skiers.


Trading Advisor/Analyst

Bloomberg Radio - Jim Roemer

Chief Meteorologist and Trading Adviser in Grains, Soft and Energy markets  for major hedge fund.

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