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Join our global family of commodity investors who receive twice weekly long range weather forecasts for grains, soft and energy commodities with trade recommendations
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Our exclusive Climate Predict gives weather professionals and investors the best medium to long-range weather forecasting in the industry.


Best Weather Inc.’s unique commodity trading and meteorological analysis gives you actionable insights for trading global agricultural markets, natural gas futures, and green ETFs. We offer both free and premium paid content on

Run by internationally known meteorologist Jim Roemer, an NFA registered Commodities Trading Advisor with over 30 years of experience, Best Weather Inc. offers products for every budget that boost your trading strategies for futures, options, and ETFs:

Weather Wealth gives professional traders, institutional funds, and farmers twice a week proprietary guidance on specific trades for individual agricultural products, natural gas, and certain ETFs. Weather Wealth digs deep to explain Best Weather’s proprietary weather forecasts and how they relate to current, historical, and possible future market moves.

Climate Predict gives weather professionals and enthusiasts the best medium to long-range forecasting in the industry. We offer both a lite and pro version that provides valuable weather insights used by farmers, traders, government and industry around the world.

Past performance is not indicative of future results and there is a risk in commodity trading. The attached report is a hypothetical track record based on trading suggestions to Weather Wealth clients. Further reports can be furnished upon request.


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Jim is a regular contributor on Bloomberg TV and Radio. Take a look at one of his recent interviews. If you want to see more, go to Jim’s YouTube Channel where he posts timely news and information.

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Commodity Trading Intro

For those new to commodity markets, here is a video that I recently did on commodity trading. Part 1 is posted here (to the right).

In addition to this video, my YouTube Channel includes Part 2 to this video. Click on the link below to view.

Hundreds of Satisfied Subscribers

"I am a trader.  I live in North Dakota 60 miles south of the Canadian border.   Oats seems to be stronger than other grains and maybe traders are anticipating something going wrong in the Canadian Prairies.  I thought you would be the guy to ask.  I know Oats is not a big market but it is big enough for me.  I have been a subscriber for 6 or 7 months.  It is the best service I have ever encountered. 
Thank you for your quick reply.  I am long coffee and based on your track record I will go short hard red winter wheat and corn."
Paul Koetz


"Fantastic stuff, Jim. I've done tons of forecasting and optimizations in a lot of areas (healthcare and marketing predominantly), but I have never had the opportunity to dabble with anything weather related. The modeling that you do with teleconnections seems fascinating. Maybe one day I'll be privileged to get a closer look under the hood."

Warren Thompson, Ph.D.

Master Analytical Solutions, LLC

"Hi, James , I`m living in Sigmaringen, a small town in southern germany near lake constance.I used to be a self-employed pharmacist, but now I`m retired and have time to trade commodities.I found your website through an article at Zerohedge. Very helpful and educational."


Pharmacist, Self-Employeed

"Thanks for the Sunday night report. It would have helped me enormously. I shorted natural gas with the Kold product last Thursday and didn't set a proper stop loss on Friday and now I'm stuck in the trade. I'm counting on the FOMC meeting and a rate hike plus the August contract roll to September to minimize my losses.

If I had had your reports all this time, I would likely not have made this mistake, but I thought $8.00 on the August contract would be resistance and $7.746 for September when I made the trade. I've been using a lot of free weather reports available online. They are nowhere near as good as yours.

Hopefully I can turn things around, and I do trade other commodities occasionally, so I would take a full subscription, if I do. By the way I thought Bal and Jo were still a going concern.

Your advice is great. "

Paul Rose

Commodity Trader

"Over the last year, it has occurred to me that your short/near term calls have a very high win percentage!

Natural Gas and coffee stick out...and yes recently wheat as well."

Jake Hanley

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, TEUCRIUM TRADING LLC

"Your reports are terrific. Clear and concise and most of all readable, head & shoulders (no pun intended) above the advice one gets otherwise in the market. Looking forward to your future guidance... "

Friedrich Dann

Commodity Trader, Germany

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