FREE (1949-2019) snowfall data and maps for snow enthusiasts

I have a new weather feature that can be accessed for FREE by amateur and professional meteorologists, ski resorts, university science professors and anyone that is a snow lover, or hater. It is...

How Climate change is hurting Central American and Indonesia crops and causing mass migration

First of all, I recommend that all of you sign up here to receive a few free reports with regard to my views about weather and commodities. Stay tuned for a subscription service I will offering in...

CO2 reach highest levels in recorded history as Indonesia, Syria drought grows

I cannot stand how the global warming debate has become so politicized over the years and that the Trump administration and millions of people around the world, "still do not see the hand writing on...

The easing of the Brazil Mini drought and Brazil Real

The rally in coffee a week ago was due to the developing drought in Brazil and a big short position. However, I began telling premium clients close to two weeks ago, why a negative AAO index (from...

Unique scientific techniques in making winter forecasts for energy markets, skiing and travel

I have received hundreds of requests from around the world for me to start a weekly or monthly long range weather subscription forecast service. This would be "SECOND TO NONE"' , given my 35 years...

Lowest Arctic sea ice in years and the importance of a polar vortex for natural gas prices

I have received numerous questions around the world from natural gas producers, hedgers, traders and even some pipeline operators, what my official long range weather forecast is for the northern...

The various fundamentals and weather affecting coffee prices

The rally in coffee the last few weeks has been inspired by massive short covering in the face of recent dry Brazil weather and the fact that Brazil producers/hedgers ran out of much of their...

California fires, Midwest cold, India tropical cyclones. What’s driving the world’s weather?

Here is an article related to the picture above of another powerful cyclone approaching India. The world's weather is going haywire right now and there are several reasons to blame this on. First of...

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