Australia burning up, Alaska’s summer of fire and no ice, Brazil coffee dryness beginning to get noticed

Its not only the Amazon burning up, Australia is seeing some of the worst forest fires ever, as this will be the third consecutive year of drought. For a very disturbing article about Australia's...

First frost for Midwest grain farmers? Natural gas price rally

Improved Fall Weather for Midwest Corn and Soybean Farmers After the late planted spring for many Midwest corn and soybean farmers, from the record wet May and June weather, conditions have improved...

Hurricane Dorian, El Nino Modoki , historical hurricane tracks and commodities

Friday night--August 30th update 11 pm-- I mentioned a few days ago to clients that Dorian would likely explode more than models suggested. Indeed, as of this writing, she is now a category 4...

Lungs of the earth are suffocating: Potential effects on hurricanes, Brazil and commodities

Background of what is going on in the Amazon and the Brazil Economy Often referred to as "the planet's lungs" because it provides 20% of the world's oxygen, the Amazon rainforest has been ablaze for...

Corn price collapse, not really surprising and a look at Texas cotton dryness

Many farmers and commodity traders were blind-sided by the incredibly bearish USDA crop report on Monday. However, I have alerted paying clients for nearly 2 weeks that the following fundamentals...

Teleconnections and the need for Midwest August rainfall for corn/soybean crops

There are grave concerns about China not working with Trump (for good reason) to settle the Trade War dispute. These have helped to pressure grain prices again. Many analysts keep talking about...

Another frost for Brazil as AAO index tanks. What’s that?

Last Thursday, I began alerting private clients about the AAO index going negative. The implications were to be some frost affecting the wheat crops in southern Brazil and probably the coffee in...

El Niño Modoki II–What it is, and is there any hope for a rally in grain or natural gas prices?

Natural gas production has consistently reached new record-high levels in recent months. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects production growth will begin to decelerate in the coming...

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