Tropical Storm Barry, El Nino Modoki and Energy Markets

New Orleans and Texas are no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005 created one of the worst national disasters in history, while two years ago, the city of Houston witnessed more...

The Brazilian coffee frost

I began telling clients "quite" early (June 23rd) about the possibility of some frost to Brazil coffee leaves and trees. A lot is still unknown about the effects of this past weekend's frost. Often...

European heatwave, wheat, and the recent bull move in coffee

"Where is the next pot of gold in commodities, as I continue to tour European wheat areas?" Roemer The big commodity movers of late have been in the non weather markets in both gold and crude oil....

USDA June crop report and a look at weather and global commodities

USDA report bullish for corn, but more weather issues will be needed to keep the corn market in an uptrend The incessant wet Midwest spring has brought about some of the worst early season US. corn...

How a positive Indian Dipole and a lingering El Niño signal pose risks for Russian and Australian wheat

About a month ago, I wrote that El Niño bears little correlation between wheat yields and weather (spring and/or summer) in Europe and the Ukraine. However, growing dryness in the easternmost...

Prevent plant options for farmers as Midwest flooding continues?

Other than the Trade War tariffs that Trump has put on China, a stronger U.S. dollar and now historical Midwest flooding is a real "triple whammy" for many U.S. grain farmers. What is behind all of...

Cocoa prices seeing short covering on El Nino and Swollen Shoot Virus in Ghana

The weather over the next few months will play an important role in the development of the Ghana and Ivory Coast cocoa "main crop", which accounts for more than 60% of world chocolate production....

Bull market in grains inspired by flooding and some global areas of dryness

After 5 years of a global surplus of grain crops, brought on by record U.S. and mostly South American corn and soybean production and swelling world stocks of wheat, the first "real legitimate"...

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