“THIS IS WILD!” (USGS says of Dover 4.1 earthquake)


It was the strongest quake ever measured for the state of Delaware. Is it possible that the Super Moon*  (expected three days later on Dec. 3rd) was, in some way, a catalyst?

* The technical name is the perigee syzygy of the Earth–Moon–Sun system


Super Moon 2017

Image from space.com – Nov. 29, 2017 – “When and How to See 2017’s Super Moon”


A dozen years ago (5/23/2005), National Geographic stated some statistics and then asked a rhetorical question:  The moon’s orbit is inclined in relation to the Earth, causing the moon’s position in the sky to nod north and south on an 18.6-year cycle. Is the observed correlation between the moon’s position in its 18.6-year cycle (or any other lunar phase) and earthquake activity a coincidence or something more?

Let’s toss this question into the search engine and see what sticks to the wall…


The Washington PostSeptember 16, 2016

“Major earthquakes might be caused by the moon”

The AtlanticSeptember 12, 2016

“More Evidence that the Moon Contributes to Earthquakes”


Science AlertJuly 19, 2016

“The Sun and Moon are linked to earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault”

Scientific AmericanApril 29, 2015

“Can Astronomical Tidal Forces Trigger Earthquakes?”



On the other side of the coin, a continued search using slightly different wording spits out these hits:

Fairfax Media (NZ)November 14, 2016

“There’s No Evidence that Moon Causes Quakes”

Snopes.comNovember 8, 2016

“Earthquake-Supermoon Connection Was Called FALSE”

Wired.com September 25, 2015

“It’s Official; the Supermoon Won’t Set Off Earthquakes”


Universe TodayMarch 11, 2011

“Just to be clear: The Moon did NOT cause the earthquake in Japan”

Image from earthsky.org – November 3, 2011


Well, the way I look at this … it ain’t the lunar phase that matters, it’s the perigee… just sayin’

Scott Mathews


On 12/3/17 there was a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Ecuador

12/5/17 two 4.2 quakes – one in Oklahoma and one in Alaska


Scott Mathews is one of our guest bloggers. He is the Director of Alternative Investments at The Dow Corporation.


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