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The most sophisticated, revolutionary and useful medium-long range weather forecasting tool available. Used by major hedge funds, food companies to the novice meteorologist, you will learn how ocean temperatures and weather regimes thousands of miles away ( teleconnections–La Nina, Arctic Oscillation and 30 more) will help you be the best weather forecaster or weather risk analyst. 

You will be able to forecast potential crop yields, commodity prices, global weather disasters and even hurricane tracks with much greater accuracy.

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Commodity Spider – Weather and Commodity Report

The  BEST WEATHER COMMODITY SPIDER is a weekly weather and commodity market report. It combines Jim Roemer’s 35 years of experience analyzing global weather patterns, investor psychology and technical analysis to gauge commodity price moves. Weather and commodity fundamentals often change on a dime, so our BEST WEATHER COMMODITY SPIDER gives you the heads up before the competition. While we pride ourselves on our expertise in long-range weather forecasting, as an investor, trader, farmer, natural gas or grain company, will often be alerted to major commodity market moves before weather models change.
When signing up below for our weekly weather and commodity report, you will  be able to download two exclusive FREE reports from Jim Roemer. One will discuss the world of commodity ETF-trading. The second will elaborate on how certain equity sectors are affected by hurricanes, cold winters and many other climatological occurrences.
From soybeans to natural gas and even equities, Jim Roemer’s commodity services helps to educate both the experienced and novice investor, alike, why and how global climate has a multi-trillion dollar annual affect on the economy.

Best Weather Services Best Weather Spider February 2018 - Weather and Commodity Report

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