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Jim Roemer's Best Weather

For over 30 years, Jim Roemer has one of the world’s leading meteorologists and commodity trading advisers,  providing unique insight and analysis of global weather events and how they affect markets throughout the world.
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Weather conditions affect global markets

From commodity ETFs to futures and options, and weather derivatives,  Best Weather’s Climatech and Climatelligence will provide you with unique investment ideas and best long range weather forecasts
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How weather affects your business

From drought to floods and even benign climatic occurrences, Climatech and Climatelligence can help your bottom line and help your business make prudent decisions
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Investing in the weather

Climatelligence offers long range weather forecasting and commodity investment services in the industry. A must for the natural gas to the insurance and ag-commodity industry.
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The World Needs Greater Environmental Consciousness and Responsible Action

Our blog section has interesting reports about current climatic and weather events that affect your daily life, the markets, plus some latest issues/stories concerning  global warming and climate change
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History of success

Jim Roemer has 30 years of weather forecasting and commodity advising experience.

Expert Analysis

Best Weather utilizes complex, historical weather and crop yield analogs, teleconnections and years of understanding market psychology.

Market knowledge

We advise on weather’s effect on commodity ETFs, equities, futures, options, and weather derivatives.


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CLIMATECH is the world’s leading long range weather and commodity software program and is a must for the insurance, energy, retail and commodity industry.


Specialized personalized consulting is limited to select companies and investment funds. Contact us for details.


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