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Tropics Primed and Ready as We Enter Peak Hurricane Season

The National Hurricane Center is currently eyeing three tropical waves in the eastern Atlantic.  These systems will bear watching over the next week to ten days as they all have a 60% chance of...
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USDA Shocker for Grains

USDA Corn and Soybean Yields The USDA report last Friday shocked the grain market, with many analysts skeptical of the yield forecasts for corn and soybeans. The soybean estimate went up to 49.4...
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Growing Bull Market? Corn’s Midwest Drought and Coffee’s Pests

We are seeing one of the most volatile weather markets for corn and soybeans in recent memory. Cool temperatures are preventing an explosion in grain prices. The map below shows the continuation of...
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Super Typhoon; Climatech’s Cool August & Fall in Natural Gas and Grain Prices

The Indian monsoon is beginning to falter; the U.S. August weather is some of the coolest in recent memory and a super Typhoon has been blasting the Pacific. These may be signs, after all, that El...
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Cocoa Prices Soar on Demand and Too Wet in West Africa

After a bottom in early July, cocoa prices have relentlessly pushed higher into the end of the month.  Several factors contributed to this rise.  As we mentioned in an earlier blog, parts of the...
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Weather in India & a fuel tax in Brazil: impacts on sugar

A complete turnaround in SE Asia weather has occured this summer compared to last year.  Persistent El Niño conditions in 2015 and 2016 helped force below normal rainfall for India.  A dry hot...
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Weather Pattern Shift and Why Are Corn Prices Breaking Even with Some Drought Conditions

While a drought has affected the western 30% of the U.S. Corn Belt, a change in the weather pattern towards cooler weather comes at a critical time for Midwest crops.  Why the collapse in corn...
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Natural Gas Prices Beginning to Heat Up. Will it Last?

Increased shale production and just overall large supplies of natural gas have haunted this market for years. Natural gas supplies are expected to be around 2.977 trillion cubic feet. This is 9%...
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Jim’s unique style and meteorological expertise features him as a regular guest on numerous media outlets including Bloomberg radio and TV, Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal to name a few.

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