Running ahead of the crowd: How our forecast saw the decline in sugar prices.

Readers who recall our comments 6-8 months ago learned about El Niño's demise along with a positive Indian Dipole. These, and other teleconnections, have led to world wide bumper crops in sugar....


  Photo Credit Judy Gaines: check out her website here The picture above shows leaves wilting on coffee trees in Brazil prior to the main bloom that begins in October. In the coffee areas,...

Irma’s Damage , Impact to U.S. Economy, Bonds & Cumberland Advisors’ viewpoints

    Commentary and analysis of hurricanes Harvey and Irma have dominated the financial airwaves lately. The pundits and pontificates projected their opinions of storm impacts on many...

Jim Roemer experiencing Hurricane Irma first hand in Sarasota, Florida

  The last time I was in a hurricane was really after the fact--1996--hurricane Fran. I was at a Neil Young concert in Chicago. During his performance of the song "Like a Hurricane" (yes, it's...

What records were set by Hurricane Irma? Florida escaped the worst outcome. Photos of the aftermath.

RECORDS SET BY HURRICANE IRMA (partial list) Irma was the strongest storm on record for the Atlantic Ocean. As a Category 5, Irma was the strongest hurricane on record to impact the Leeward Islands....

Is the sign interpreter on the right questioning Rick Scott’s ban on the terms of climate change & global warming?

CLICK ON VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE While Florida officials, police officers, emergency service personnel all did a fabulous job in the face of hurricane Irma, our administration is two-faced....

Hurricane Irma Update—Too much hype? Eye to pass close to or over Sarasota, tidal surge, and why Tampa Bay has been spared a major hurricane for 169 years

We mentioned as early as Thursday night and especially Friday morning, that Hurricane Irma would move much further west than the hurricane center and others felt. Hence, the panic and evacuations...

Update on Irma’s catastrophic threat to the West Coast of Florida & The Science of hurricane forecasting

The hurricane center and many others helped Florida officials to evacuate the eastern part of Florida, originally. We began discussing quite early Thursday night, a much  more western track of Irma....

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